Dejan Levec


ext2 and ext3 on Windows

If you are using dual boot with Windows and Linux you’ve probably faced with a problem of accessing ext3 partitions from Windows OS. Most of the Linux distributions come with NTFS-3G driver, which allow reading & writing to NTFS partiton. Sadly, Windows doesn’t offer such filesystem driver for file systems other than FAT16/32 and NTFS. […]

MS SQL Add User

The simplest way to add user to MySQL and grant privileges for specific database. 1. Connect to MS SQL server using MS SQL Management Studio. 2. Click on the "New query" button in the toolbar on left. 3. Create a database Type following query and execute it: create database DATABASE_NAME Example: create database MyCMS 3. […]

WordPress on IIS7

How to use WordPress blog\’s permalinks with IIS7 (or similar Content Management Systems)? It\’s really simple to make this work on Apache server. Just copy 5 lines of code to .htaccess file. But it\’s a little bit harder to do so on IIS7. You have 2 options: – use IIS7 GUI to create rules – […]