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HTPC: Windows vs Linux

When it comes to choosing operating system for HTPC you have only two options: Windows 7 or Linux distro (probably Ubuntu). This is a bigger problem than you think, because both are supposed to provide HTPC’s main ability: audio and video playback. My HTPC is 1 year old and consists of: – i3 540 3.06GHz […]

C++ libraries on Windows are nightmare

How would you get C# library to work? Simple, copy .dll to VS solution. How would you get C++ library to work on Linux? apt-get install libmysql-c++ (or equivalent for distro of your choice) How would you get C++ library to work on Linux if previous statement fails? ./configure && make && make install How […]

DS28EA00 and Arduino

Recently I found two sample Maxim DS28EA00 temperature sensors that I requested for a project I haven’t finished. I’m currently working on a project requiring somewhat accurate temperature measuring and I will finally be able to use this sensor. Firstly I needed a way to connect this sensor to Arduino and I made simple breakout […]

How to display certain page content only to users who have liked our page on Facebook?

Sometimes it would beĀ convenientĀ if we could display portion of our web page only to people who have liked our page on Facebook. For example, we decide to giveaway five concert tickets to random participants. We can get more recognizable if participants have to liked our page and possible publish that on their profile page. So […]

Weather map

Weather map for Slovenia and Europe. – written in PHP – uses Google Maps API – weather data gathered from website of Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia – supports caching of data in xml files Download:

RFM12B Module

In the following files you can find code for AVR micro controllers to use this modules. Source (.c) file: [url=/media/kiwi/uploads/hopeTx.c]hopeTx[/url] Source (.c) file: [url=/media/kiwi/uploads/hopeRx.c]hopeRx[/url] PDF file: [url=/media/kiwi/uploads/RFM12B.pdf]RFM12B[/url] [b]RFM12B and AVR – quick start[/b] I found this tutorial when I searched for connecting this module to AVR. You can download the tutorial at: PDF file: [url=][/url] […]

AC Switching By Computer

Project I’m building a device for switching AC devices by computer program through USB. It could be used for light show, home automation system, etc. I’ll be using 8 triacs with 8 opto-triacs (to protect microcontroller and computer from direct contact with AC line). I haven’t build it yet because I don’t have every part […]

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