Dejan Levec


How to remove Linux from a Mac?

I don’t really see why would you do that, but here is a how to about removing Linux from a Mac. Linux creates few partitions (usually / and swap, it’s also a common practice to have /home partition). Everything would be easy if only Mac OS’s built-in Disk Utility would support deleting Linux partitions. But […]

Create ISO from DVD on Mac

[b]How to create ISO image from DVD?[/b] 1. Insert CD/DVD into computer and open 2. Type “mount” (without quotes) to list mounted drives 3. Type “unmount /dev/disk1” to unmount DVD from Mac OS X Finder 4. Type “dd if=/dev/disk1 of=/path/to/file.iso bs=2048” to copy content from DVD to file (this may take a while, depending […]