Dejan Levec


Ruby Gem update system on Debian

When you try to update Ruby Gem –system on Debian systems (probably also on Ubuntu) you will get the following error: ERROR: While executing gem … (RuntimeError) gem update –system is disabled on Debian. RubyGems can be updated using the official Debian repositories by aptitude or apt-get. Gem installed through Debian’s aptitude is configured to […]

ffmpeg and x264

How to install ffmpeg with x264 codec support on Debian Lenny (5.0)? Why is this useful? By using x264 codec rather than a FLV video format you will gain on video and audio quality. 1. We need to remove any previous ffmpeg installations. 2. Add additional repository to /etc/apt/sources.list Open file with nano editor: nano […]

Use MySQL database in your C++ projects

How to use MySQL DB in your C++ projects. This tutorial is written for Debian Lenny/Ubuntu 9.10. With a few minor changes, it should work on other distributions also. What will you need? – gcc <– c++ compiler – MySQL server 5.0 installed – MySQL C API To install above programs run this command as […]

mod_python and MySQLdb

[b]How to install mod_python and MySQLdb in Debian Lenny?[/b] MySQL is one of greatest databases for web sites, and for applications and it\’s probably most used with PHP. Python is a good language for a lot of things. In my case, I needed some daemons, to do certain tasks. Firstly, I tried with PHP, but […]

Install Sun Java on Debian Lenny

Installing Java on Windows is easy. Simply download .exe file and run it. But on Debian Linux it\’s a little bit harder because it\’s non-free software. It\’s free as in beer. So you can actually “taste” it, but cannot get the source code. [b]How to install Sun Java on Debian Lenny?[/b] 1. Open Terminal and […]

Screenshot of Web Page on Linux Server

[b]How to make a screenshot of web page on Linux server?[/b] In this tutorial I will tell how to setup a server with Debian Lenny operating system to add capability for taking screenshot pictures of a web page you want. [center][url=/media/techsiteblog/uploads/tech.jpg][img]/media/techsiteblog/uploads/tech-300×225.jpg[/img][/url][/center] [b]Steps:[/b] 1. Login to server through SSH as root user. 2. Install vnc server, […]

MySQL Add User

The simplest way to add user to MySQL and grant privileges for specific database. 1. Open terminal and type “mysql -u root -p” to start MySQL client and use your root account to connect to database. 2. Type “create database my_database;” to create a database with name my_database. 3. Type: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON my_database.* […]