Dejan Levec


Compiling programs for OpenWRT

When I was trying to compile my first OpenWRT program I searched around the web, but didn’t found any useful (at least to me) tutorials/guides that would help me. After spending a few hours behind a computer and figuring out how to do this I found the easiest way to do it. The are two […]

Not so random thoughts about random

For one of my websites, I needed solution for randomly displaying different rows from MySQL database. As probably everyone knows, the easiest solution is to use following SQL: select * from table order by rand() There are no problems with using that, except one: It’s REALLY SLOW. This might not be a problem with table […]

Your location online

Hi, If you have an iPhone and a MobileMe subscription it’s very easy to publish your location online. Firstly you need to turn on \"Find My iPhone\" function on iPhone in Settings application and you need to make sure you have data pushed to the iPhone. Then you need a PHP class for fetching your […]

HTML5 video and audio tag

Hi, what do you think about HTML5’s video and audio tag? [b]Present:[/b] Every video site (eg. YouTube) is using Flash player to play video. Almost every podcast site is using Flash player to play audio. Because of that (using Flash in ways in which it was never attended to use) your CPU is under too […]

Windows 7

Hi all, Yesterday I tried Windows 7 Release Candidate and I have no problems with it. It’s good operating system, but I still prefer Mac OS. Microsoft did a good job with this Windows version and hopefully they will sell more copies of it than of Vista. It would be great if all Windows XP […]