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Ubuntu 13.04

Recently I have been working on some personal projects where I need to use Linux – from building OpenWRT packages to programming apps with libraries that are Linux only. Sometimes I just work on Linux because it’s easier to set up any kind of libraries, doesn’t matter if it’s for C/C++ or Python development, in both cases nothing can beat apt-get install libwhatever-dev and additional flag when invoking a compiler.

( Few days ago I spent more than half an hour setting up paths for OpenGL project in Visual Studio to use glfw and similar libraries. On Linux that can be achieved in less than 1 minute by adding additional flags. )

However, I still prefer Windows environment for everything but programming, because it’s hardware support is supsrb, GUI (even Metro) is cool and most of the work I do on Linux can be done in virtual machine.

Sadly, my latest project needs v4l2 library to communicate with webcam and every time I tried connecting USB webcam through VirtualBox VM it would stop responding. Only viable solution was to use native installation on Linux. Since I removed my Crunchbang installation about a month ago, I needed to install new OS. I promptly went to Google and searched for Ubuntu download and downloaded 13.04 thinking that it was still in beta.

After installation, which went smoothly, I saw a lot of visual as well as technical improvements. I didn’t really follow development of this version so I was really surprised. A quick visit to OMG Ubuntu quickly helped me realize that I actually installed final version and not beta as I thought.

Why was I so pleasantly surprised?

  1. Very nice looking design changes. ­čÖé
  2. Graphics support out of the box. What what?? It actually worked for the first time (for me) without any tearing. Connecting and disconnecting external monitor correctly resized my desktop.
  3. Waking from suspend without any problems? Yeah.

I just might use native Linux a bit more in the following months than I used to.


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