Dejan Levec

September, 2012

Old Epson “Printer”

Today I was searching for something at home and stumbled upon old printing calculator, that hasn’t been in use for a few years. Firstly, I plugged it in the wall socket and tried pressing different keys to see what it can do. Since I don’t really know how to use it, only thing I got […]

Heating controller – Triac board

Hi, I successfully designed, etched and build triac board for my central & water heating controller. Board is divided into two parts: Triac & optocoupler part Power supply part   Board features four BTA12 triacs that are driven by MOC3063 optocouplers and have snubber circuit. Optocouplers input will be controlled via MSP430 microcontroller. Power supply […]

Central & water heating controller

About a year ago I decided to replace analog heating controller at home with something a bit more advanced. I have designed circuit and PCB at that time, but haven’t made until recently. It consisted of ATmega328 microcontroller, 4 relays and ENC28J60 breakout board for network connection. When I was writing source code, I thought […]