Dejan Levec

June, 2012

WiFi Car

I have been planning to make Wi-Fi enabled car for quite a while (from last October/November), and I have actually done something to get to that goal. The point where I stopped was when I was trying to use my old iPhone as car controller. I tried for a while, and I got to the […]

Need to start reading datasheets

I have been wondering for a while how to measure household electricity consumption. Usual candidates are photoresistor for detecting LED’s flashes or current transformer, but since I can’t use either of them, I need something different. A while back I tried using webcam mounted to the electric box which contains electricity meter, which worked pretty […]

Water Usage Meter

I needed a way to measure water used outside the house. There are some commercial products, like Gardena Smart Water Flow Meter, but they are not cheap and can’t draw nice looking graphs. This seemed like a good weekend project and I can finally use XRF wireless modules, that I bought a few weeks ago. XRF […]