Dejan Levec

May, 2012

Amblight part 2: Controlling LEDs

After figuring out how to control LEDs with microcontroller I wanted to try controlling it from PC. Firstly I thought of USB via V-USB framework, but I quickly found out that I cannot update LEDs’ color in interrupt routine, because it would interfere with USB data transfer. Since I had additional unused AVR on my […]

Ambilight part 1 & Netduino

I always liked Ambilight feature, but our TV doesn’t have it. I have seen some home made look-alikes on the Internet, however, I never really thought about buying it until I’ve seen Ladyada’s strand of 25 RGB LEDs and instantly wanted to build it myself. Since I have 42″ TV I decided to buy 2 […]

HTPC: Windows vs Linux

When it comes to choosing operating system for HTPC you have only two options: Windows 7 or Linux distro (probably Ubuntu). This is a bigger problem than you think, because both are supposed to provide HTPC’s main ability: audio and video playback. My HTPC is 1 year old and consists of: – i3 540 3.06GHz […]