Dejan Levec

RFM12B Module

In the following files you can find code for AVR micro controllers to use this modules.

Source (.c) file: [url=/media/kiwi/uploads/hopeTx.c]hopeTx[/url]

Source (.c) file: [url=/media/kiwi/uploads/hopeRx.c]hopeRx[/url]

PDF file: [url=/media/kiwi/uploads/RFM12B.pdf]RFM12B[/url]

[b]RFM12B and AVR – quick start[/b]
I found this tutorial when I searched for connecting this module to AVR.
You can download the tutorial at: PDF file: [url=][/url]

[b]My Experience[/b]
My attempts to get this module working were all unsuccessful.

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