Dejan Levec

September, 2009

Essential security tips for servers

In this tutorial you will find out some of the necessary steps to secure you VPS or dedicated server. 1. First thing you need to do is to change your root password. Connect to server with SSH and type: [quote]passwd[/quote] Then type in your new password, press enter, and retype it again. 2. It’s not […]

Install Sun Java on Debian Lenny

Installing Java on Windows is easy. Simply download .exe file and run it. But on Debian Linux it\’s a little bit harder because it\’s non-free software. It\’s free as in beer. So you can actually “taste” it, but cannot get the source code. [b]How to install Sun Java on Debian Lenny?[/b] 1. Open Terminal and […]

Setting Charset on an Apache Server

[b]How to demand from an Apache Server to serve pages with a specific encoding?[/b] You will ask this question sooner or later if you are making web sites. Probably sooner if you are dealing with non-ASCII characters. There are a lot of charsets in the world, from ones that support most languages to ones that […]

Screenshot of Web Page on Linux Server

[b]How to make a screenshot of web page on Linux server?[/b] In this tutorial I will tell how to setup a server with Debian Lenny operating system to add capability for taking screenshot pictures of a web page you want. [center][url=/media/techsiteblog/uploads/tech.jpg][img]/media/techsiteblog/uploads/tech-300×225.jpg[/img][/url][/center] [b]Steps:[/b] 1. Login to server through SSH as root user. 2. Install vnc server, […]

WordPress on IIS7

How to use WordPress blog\’s permalinks with IIS7 (or similar Content Management Systems)? It\’s really simple to make this work on Apache server. Just copy 5 lines of code to .htaccess file. But it\’s a little bit harder to do so on IIS7. You have 2 options: – use IIS7 GUI to create rules – […]

MySQL Add User

The simplest way to add user to MySQL and grant privileges for specific database. 1. Open terminal and type “mysql -u root -p” to start MySQL client and use your root account to connect to database. 2. Type “create database my_database;” to create a database with name my_database. 3. Type: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON my_database.* […]

Create ISO from DVD on Mac

[b]How to create ISO image from DVD?[/b] 1. Insert CD/DVD into computer and open 2. Type “mount” (without quotes) to list mounted drives 3. Type “unmount /dev/disk1” to unmount DVD from Mac OS X Finder 4. Type “dd if=/dev/disk1 of=/path/to/file.iso bs=2048” to copy content from DVD to file (this may take a while, depending […]