Dejan Levec

Windows 7

Hi all,

Yesterday I tried Windows 7 Release Candidate and I have no problems with it. It’s good operating system, but I still prefer Mac OS. Microsoft did a good job with this Windows version and hopefully they will sell more copies of it than of Vista.

It would be great if all Windows XP users move to 7, because XP’s are 8 years old and don’t have support anymore. But this won’t gonna happen. I really do not understand people who insist on using that old OS. Even Linux is better (not that I have anything against it).

AFAIK a lot of people moved to Mac/Linux because Vista is a little bit crappy. Windows 7 must make for all lost users because of Vista. Linux can’t do much with it’s less than 1% of all users. But there is a posibility of Google making OS. Google give away free services, people trust Google. I think it’s only company which can overtake Microsoft’s Windows market share.

But that is higly unlikely. I watched video on YouTube where they ask some people if they heart of Google Chrome … 95% didn’t even know what that is. So just because Google makes something doesn’t mean, that everyone will use it. (They have some sucessfull projects like Google and Gmail).

So Microsoft has nothing to worry about … at least for now.

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