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HTML5 video and audio tag

Hi, what do you think about HTML5’s video and audio tag?

[b]Present:[/b] Every video site (eg. YouTube) is using Flash player to play video. Almost every podcast site is using Flash player to play audio. Because of that (using Flash in ways in which it was never attended to use) your CPU is under too much load and because of that fans needs to spin faster and battery life is shorter.

[b]Future:[/b] Every video/audio web site will be using video/audio tag and videos are going to be played with built-in player. CPU is under normal load and you can watch 1 more hour (approximately) of watching movie/vlog/…

For playing videos through [b]Flash Player[/b], it was necessary to convert it to .flv (Flash Video) file. Latest Flash Player version support .mp4 format (for HD videos). Sites like YouTube must pay companies who owns these formats certain amount of money for using it.

Video tag supports ogg, which is open source and free to use.

[b]Pros and cons[/b] of using video tag over Flash Player:

+ less load on CPU (+ longer battery life, + less heat – fans are spinning slower)

+ native support by all operating systems/web browsers (Flash is not fully supported on Linux)

+ easier to create web page which contain video/audio

– no ads and menus (like you see on YouTube and other channels)

– player’s design depends on used operating system – owner of site cannot create it’s own design and cannot add special functions (you couldn’t add links on video like you can now on YouTube)

[b]My point of view:[/b] I hope that more and more web browsers will support HTML5 and that designers/programmers will prefer this over Flash Player

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