Dejan Levec

RFID Reader

Latest source code is available at

Hex file is available only for ATmega8 at 16MHz. Host executable is available only for Intel Macs with latest software update.

Currently you need to request ID from a device.
Example: ./set-led status

Receiving ID when tag is scanned is still in progress. (I have some problems with USB interrupt-in)

Components for USB are connected as usual. (D+ on PB2, D- on PB4). Green LED is connected to PC5 (28), yellow LED to PC3 (26). TX from RFID module is connected to RX on AVR (PB0 on ATMega8/168).

RFID module (seeedstudio – $12.50)
RFID tags (seeedstudio – $2.50)
ATmega8 microcontroller (or similar)
16Mhz quartz (or 12Mhz)
2x 3.6V or 3.3V zener diode
1x green LED
1x yellow LED
2x 68 R (or other 12 – 100 ohm resistors)
1k5 resistor
10 uF capacitor
2x 330 ohm
28 pin socket

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