Dejan Levec

H-bridge and transistors


For a couple of days I was building a robot … not really a robot, just a simple car, that I could controll by my laptop.

Today I got the wheels spinning, but only in one direction. I intended to use H-bridge but I didn’t have both types of transistors (PNP and NPN) so I try to make a H-bridge with just 4 NPN transistor.

I learned, that you need to use electronic components as intended. You cannot use NPN transistors where you need PNP. Lesson learned for next time. 😉

I’m back to start of the project … Tomorrow I’ll buy a cheap RC car and of course some NPN transistors or maybe MOSFETs.

I heard about DC motor driver (i think it’s L293 or so) … dunno what to buy.

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